The Outstanding features of SPI sheets are:

  • Light in weight: It has only half the weight of glass.

  • Weather resistance: Excellent resistence to sunlight and outdoor weather conditions.

  • Water clear: Colorless sheets are as clear as crystal glass.

  • Light absorption: Minimum in clear transparent sheets.

  • Luminous color effect: Transparent, translucent and opaque colors are available with superior surface glass.

  • Light diffusion: Opal white translucent sheets diffuse light uniformly in all directions.

  • Breakage resistance: Tough and resilient & hence safe in use.

  • Easy formability: Can be shaped by simple thermoforming processes.

  • Easy machinability: Can be machined like soft metals.

  • Low thermal conductivity: Almost equivalent to phenolics and only one-sixth of glass.

  • Surface hardness: surface hardness is almost same as that of aluminum.

  • Chemical resistance: Insolvent to most inorganic chemicals but dissolves in ketone, esters, aromatic hydrocarbons & chiorinated solvents etc.