sheets are used for various applications in different industries.

Advertising & Marketing:
Luminous sign boards, box advertising, box lettering, mirrorized sign boards, panels (translight), name plates, other advertisement uses like novelty and gift articles.


Window glazing, skylight domes, roof glazing, door panels, partitions, enclosures, decorative panels, sun screens, display racks, security barriers, corrugated sheets.

Green Houses & Shades.

Furnishing & Furniture:
Showcase, drawer and door handles, sofa-sets, trolley for TV & VCR, telephone stand, dinning tables, chairs, umbrella boxes etc.

Sanitary Articles:
Bath tubs, wash basins, commodes, shower, foot stands, bathroom fittings like shelves, tooth brush stand, soap trays, towel rods etc.


Bus window panels sun visors, transparent roofing, transparent panels, rear view mirrors, & traffic mirrors, wind shield for two wheelers, front side glasses of auto rickshaws, meter covers.


Wind shields for motor launches, transparent window ports in submarines, navigation lamps, window panel meter covers etc.

Defense & Aviation:
Aircraft canopies, aircraft windows, decorative panels, light covers, guide maps, instrument panels, radar plotting boards, helicopter canopies.


Safety googles, helmet visors, safety transparentcovers for machinery, shaterproof glazing, security mirrors.

TV screens, radio dials, instrument panels & covers, flow diagrams, safety screens in hazardous areas, cases & covers, see through windows & pipes, geometrical instruments, watch crystals, industrial models, solar concentrating collectors, transparent glazing in solar equipments, incubators.


Front transparent panels in built-in aquariums, portable aquariums tanks & cases.


Light Fittings and Fixtures:
Diffusers & shields for luminaires, lamp shades, luminous ceilings streetlight covers etc.